At Stretch U our goal is simple: let us improve your everyday life through stretching. Everyone knows they should do some type of stretching on a regular basis, but few take the time or have the energy.

We offer 20, 40, and 60 minute sessions. All of our techniques are spine neutral, spine supported with proper postural positions in mind,  meaning we never manipulate the neck or back

The Stretch U 20-minute session is often referred to as the original “Carey” Stretch.  During this session, you will lie down on one of our comfortable stretch beds while a Stretch U Certified technician takes your body through 120 different stretches. The 20-minute session combines passive stretching, contract-relax techniques, and neural flossing glides to all major muscle groups, upper, and lower extremities. After each 20-minute session, you will be amazed by how great you feel.

The Stretch U 40-minute session begins with the “Lock and Stretch”, a myofascial release technique developed exclusively for Stretch U studios. Lock and Stretch is the Stretch U version of a warm up where tissues are locked into place and then gently stretched to produce circulation in muscle, tendons, joints, and most importantly fascial components. All major muscle groups are warmed up and released in preparation of the manual stretch of all major muscle groups.

The Stretch U 60-minute session includes 40 minutes of the Lock and Stretch, the Carey Stretch, and 20 minutes of targeted stretch therapy on any of your problem areas. During this time, we will also offer you some suggestions on self-stretching exercises that you can do in between your Stretch U sessions.