Stretch U: Manual Stretching Techniques With Mobility In Mind

Stretch U started when John Carey began bringing his physical therapist table to family gatherings and stretching family members. Joe, John’s brother-in-law and a recreational athlete, hated self-stretching. It took too much time, energy, and, if done professionally by a trainer or masseuse, cost too much money. Plus, if not done right, Joe knew he could do more harm to his body than good.

One of Joe’s friends had to come up with a business plan for a college class and Joe quickly realized that a center where you could come in and get stretched quickly and efficiently without exerting a lot of effort or paying high health insurance premiums, would benefit everyone from young student-athletes to retirees looking to improve their flexibility.

Joe asked John if there was a way to create a safe and effective one-on-one stretching protocol. John knew as long as there was no movement of the neck or spine, Stretch U was a possible business model. They brought the idea to Rod Meyer, a businessman and one of Joe’s oldest friends. With Rod’s support, the first Stretch U was opened in November of 2011. Ever since Stretch U has been growing at a sustainable rate and adapting to the various needs of different clientele, like sports teams and private businesses, while still maintaining brick-and-mortar locations.

Stretch U currently has 10 locations in 3 states with Naples, Florida and Washington, D.C. coming soon. Come see what a great stretch can do for you!