Facilitated stretching and massage therapy have come together at one location to provide clients an ultimate experience in relaxation and freedom of movement.

Still located on Western Avenue in Oklahoma City, Stretch U has been providing a wellness service that has helped over 3500 people in the last five years to feel better and move with more ease.

In addition to Stretch U’s innovative stretching technique is massage therapy. Massage sessions are designed to meet each client’s needs in as little as 20 minutes or longer in 60 or 90 minute private studio sessions. Stretching will help recover lost range of motion and release the tension held in your body. A session of massage will remind you that peace and quiet are possible and that relaxation really does exist.

Through consistent participation in both, you will be encouraged – spirit, mind, and body – to become more present to life, take the necessary next step to restore your life’s balance,  and dare to accomplish the life you are meant to live.

Bren Smith, B.S., LMT

Operating Manager

Split-T Center
5701 N Western, Suite E,
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: 405-286-9662

E-mail: stretchuokc@gmail.com

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Hours: M- F 8AM- 7PM
Saturday 8AM- Noon
By Appointment